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sui sui!

15 July
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you are my soul

★ Christine/Oo-chan/whatever you come up with
☆ boring; weird; random; slow; spacey; crazy; doesn't make sense most of the time but will continue going on and on anyway
☆ Your typical fangirl :'D
☆ Likes: cats, whale sharks, Mirror Man, Pluto, orcas, potatoes, umbrellas, tea, tomato pretz, the ghei
☆ Dislikes: stairs, serious people, being told what to do
☆ Hobbies: fangirling, drawing, gaming, pranking friends, reading, writing fanfiction, making graphics, watching Arashi

Arashi makes my life. akjsdkdshf.
♡ Aiba Masaki is the ichiban. Ohno Satoshi is the loved one. Ohmiya is the OTP.